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inkFashion is an exclusive full service model management founded in 2013 that embraces a vast network of clients to connect models with production fitting, showroom, runway and commercial talent assignments.
Its the first and the most powerful model agency based in Principauté de Monaco that works with top Brands in Italy, France, New York and London.
LinkFashion has close ties with top names in the fashion industry, including Roberto Cavalli, Cèline, Tom Ford, Calvin Klein, Gucci, Philipp Plein, Balenciaga and others.
Our professional attitude and first hand knowledge in the fashion industry makes our agency growing exponentially. We constantly seek new model categories for client requirements.

Our unique and collaborative approach between clients and models and many years of unrivalled experience – sets us apart from all our competitors.
Our models are always very much in demand. We are focused to send only the right models for the job, no more casting with a huge line. Building years of experience in fashion and fit modelling and having personalized approach to development, we have gathered only the best fit models in the industry in all sizes and we seek to deliver only the perfect fit model for your brand. LinkFashion is your source for the best fit models in the fashion industry.

Our Services

Fitting Models

The highest performing fit modelling agency where people come first and fashion is our business. Providing quality fit models to the fashion industry for over ten years now, we pride ourselves in having the highest quality fit models on our books and being able to respond to your fit room needs the fastest.

Showroom Models

An exhaustive photographic presentation and an accurate analysis of the physical features help our clients in the selection of the models who better match with their requirements among the hundreds of profiles in our database.

Fashion Show Models

We pride ourselves on being one of the agencies that spends a lot of time and resources on development. Our scouting is nonstop, we’re constantly looking for new faces and evaluating who we feel is fashion week ready.

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Monaco Office

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